Can You Hide Your Divorce Records?

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Published: 17th August 2007
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Divorce and Marriage Records: Public records databases on the Internet encompass a wide range of directories including birth records criminal records court records property records tax records business records telephone directories and other vital records and resource directories. To find court divorce records on a person on your own is a daunting task. Massive Government Public Records at marriage records

Conceivable you could search through the court divorce records of every court in the land hoping to stumble upon the person's name, but that would take ten lifetimes. In order to find court divorce records on your own, you would need years. Who has that much time? When you need information about a person's criminal past, you need it fast. The best way to find court divorce records when you don't have a lot of information to go on is to work with a professional service.. Some divorce records may also be withheld or edited to ensure the safety of witnesses and victims involved in the crime.

Of course this is no help to you if you don't know where to look to find court records on the person. When we began to do public divorce records searches we were amazed at how much information showed up. We began by searching for public divorce records and quickly realized that we would need to narrow the search before we could even begin to weed through all of the information available on the web.. Search from over 1 Billion Official US Government Records:

In most cases this information is open to the general public and simply tells that two people are married. As you search through the census divorce records on be sure to recognize that the census indexes do not include the complete census data, but they provide sufficient information to locate the individual in the original divorce record. Massive Government Public Records at marriage records

This can save considerable research time. Most census indexes include the name of the head of the household, the location where they were living during the census year, and the page where their entry can be found on the original census divorce record. You can start your search by visiting Search Census Divorce records. Searching through census divorce records can be a great way to find that long lost great-grandfather or learn more about how your ancestors lived during a certain decade..

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